Virtual Sensory Vending Machine 

The vending machine is a subliminal entrance that allows us to choose the senses to bring into the digital world and be as sensitive as we want to be in a digital experience - how about trying shopping on Amazon without your brain?

Throw Your Brain in The Trash Can 

To transition the players into the subliminal space, they can initiate the process in a relatable environment - their physical living environments. For example, in the player’s bedroom, they can throw away their brain and install the game camera on the brain position to start the disembodied experience.

Alice in Wonderland

In this world, the character is able to turn the world around and teleport between platforms. With the use of a shader graph, I intentionally created this magical and dizzy environment for the character to experience.

VR Aquarium

Collaborating with Vic Naumov and Margot Stewart, we created an aquarium box and you are a fish swimming inside it. This virtual space explores the feeling of surveillance and suppression and explores an alternative way to navigate in a dream.

The Distance of the Moon

Recreate the scene from The Distance of The Moon by Italo Calvino. At Zinc Cliffs the moon is the closest to earth, you can climb up to it with a ladder. You can row a boat to Zinc Cliffs to watch Captain Vhd Vhd climb to the moon.