Virtual Scenic Exploration

Completion - fall 2019
Instructor - Nick Crockett


Dreams are collections of symbols in motley combinations; I am always fascinated by the absurdity of dreams, where you can tell the wildest stories by combining and arranging objects in ways that is beyond real-life constraints. Virtual reality provides an immersive playground for me to create dreams and experiences them. Each VR scenic design explores an unconventional environment and allows players to act as the characters rather than themselves.

Link to my itch.io

VR Aquarium

Collaborating with Vic Naumov and Margot Stewart, we created an aquarium box and you are a fish swimming inside it. This virtual space explores the feeling of surveillance and suppression, and explore alternative way to navigate in a dream.

Alice in Wonderland

In this world the character is able to turn the world around and teleport between platforms. With the use of shader graph, I intentionally created this magical and dizzy environment for the character to experience.

The Distance of The Moon

Recreate the scene from The Distance of The Moon by Italo Calvino. At Zinc Cliffs the moon is the closest to earth, you can climb up to it with a ladder. You can row a boat to Zinc Cliffs to watch Captain Vhd Vhd climb to the moon.

The Lighthouse

Inspired by the movie The Lighthouse, the character will be able to walk along the beach and light up different glowing cubes to light up the way along the beach.

When Alien Visits,
(Unity, ongoing)

In a usually brightly lit scene, the character can walk against the light to approach closer to their house that is possessed by the alien. The hand is  locked to the forehead to block the sunlight.

Falling Into Space

(Unity, ongoing)

An audio-visual video that explore gravity, lighting and audio effect.

Is There Anyone Out There?
(Cinema4D gif)