Explore Embodied and Disembodied Interactions in VR

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Unity + Oculus Quest

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The famous futurist Ray Kurzweil predicted that humans will become hybrids in the 2030s. our brains will be able to connect directly to the cloud, where there will be thousands of computers, and those computers will augment our existing intelligence. As absurd as it sounds, our engagment with the virtual world is becoming more disembodied. 
How will we present ourselves as we transition to the virtual world? Will we imitate the daily embodied interactions, or disembody ourselves into a hybrid and even meta form?


Embodied vs Disembodied︎︎︎
As illustrated from the two interaction below, VR allows us to engage in embodied and disembodied experiences. While embodied interaction creates a strong bonding between your movement and the augmented environment (e.g. line expands with hand movement),  disembodied interaction disassociates players and the environment from corporeal/tangible experience (e.g. associate enviorment with intangible breathing).

Enter Disembodied Experiences 
Vending Machine Portal ︎︎︎
When we engage with different digital experience, we are not always fully engaged with all of our senses. How will we enter the digital world as we are more immersed in the world? This vending machine a subliminal space which will allow our digitalized self to choose the senses to bring into the digital world and be as sensitive as we want/need to be in a digital experience - how about trying shopping on Amazon without your brain?

Throw Your Brain in The Trash Can ︎︎︎
Another concept of transitioning the player into disembodied experience is to initate such process in a relatable environment - their physical space. For example, in the player’s bedroom, they can throw away their brain and intall the game camera on the brain position to start the disembodied experience.

Disembodied Experiences
VR Aquarium ︎︎︎
Collaborating with Vic Naumov and Margot Stewart, we created an aquarium box and you are a fish swimming inside it. This virtual space explores the feeling of surveillance and suppression, and explore alternative way to navigate in a dream.

Alice in Wonderland ︎︎︎
In this world the character is able to turn the world around and teleport between platforms. With the use of shader graph, I intentionally created this magical and dizzy environment for the character to experience.

The Distance of the Moon ︎︎︎
Recreate the scene from The Distance of The Moon by Italo Calvino. At Zinc Cliffs the moon is the closest to earth, you can climb up to it with a ladder. You can row a boat to Zinc Cliffs to watch Captain Vhd Vhd climb to the moon.

Disembodied Environments