Interactive Mirror

Interactive mirrorinstallation for LG oled cafe

Completion - 2019 Summer
Mentor - Dofl Yun

Media -  Adobe AfterEffects

This summer I was working as art direction intern in Ogilvy, New York. During my internship I worked closely with creative technologists to brainstorm experiential campaign proposals for various clients. For LG OLED Cafe, I assisted the creative technologists to implement this interactive mirror that celebrate the true black and vibrant color of the TV. My responsibility included creating transition animation for the mirror and helping set up.

Link to the event

For more information about the internship, feel free to ask me in person.


This project not only trained my craftsmanship in abstract animation but also made me start to taking client’s intent into consideration.

I created the animation in black and white and it gets translated into dark and bright sides of color pixels through programming. Keeping in mind that the goal of the installation is to celebrate the true black and vibrant color of the TV, I created multiple versions of animations to find out the right balance between bright and dark.

I was also very lucky to see the programming process. It really inspired me explore interactive animations through programming.