Interactive Narrative

AR + Creative Coding Exploration

Completion - Fall 2019
Instructor - Golan Levin

Media - p5js, glitch, Unity

The Distance of The Moon
p5js sketch here

Face tracking music video of the song The Distance of The Moon by I CON. Inspired by the film A Trip To Moon.

Pop-up Farm in Grocery Box
ARkit, Unity

A pop-up farm in grocery box! Scan the sticker on the produce in your grocery box and it will tell you the story behind the produce.

I Ate the Duck!
ARkit, Unity

Collaborated with Vicky Zhou, we created an AR app in which the duck appears when mouth is first opened, and then a raw duck (yum yum!) appear the second time mouth is opened.

Space Invader

Collaborated with Sanjay, we modified Space Invaders and we integrated it with ml5.js to detect different hand shooting gestures to control the game.

Dandelion Clock

The dandelion clock is an expressive clock that serves more as a decorative purpose than functional purpose. The number of dandelion represents the current hour, the length of the stem grows as minutes go by until the next hour comes, and every second a seed falls off and refresh as the next minute starts.

Looping Animations