The Dreams of IoT

Collaborator - Zeshu Zhu
Projection Installation
Web Design
Product Design, Fabrication, IoT

In the book The Dream of The Internet of Things by Alice Benessia and Ângela Guimarães Pereira, technology, particularly in the context of IoT, “experience can be replaced by a series of algorithmic instructions, designed by software and hardware developers”. However, it is rather human-centric (and boring!) to think that machines cannot think creatively with the information it receives. Especially with the advancement of machine learning, our traditional conception that devices lack imagination is further challenged.

Therefore, we recreate a few common smart home sensors such as temperature sensors, light sensors, and motion detectors to collect data in the room, and we translate them into dream imageries with GANs and map them across the room. The whole smart home system is connected through a server and monitored through a central platform. We hope the Dreams of the Internet of Things can demonstrate the power of technology behind smart homes, and we prompt participants to reconsider connected devices in a more informative yet imaginative way when they are immersed in the dreams weaved by the sensors from their daily life.

Documentation coming soon.