The Me In Me

Unreal Engine, Motive, VR Storytelling

Different types of metaphors are deployed in the existing meditative technologies to help people understand their internal sensations. Body movement is commonly used as a metaphor in dance and fitness. Can we use body forms/movements to help people visualize and better connect with their internal sensations?

Experience Plot

Length: 15 mins

You are going to embark on a meditation journey to obverse your own bodily sensations. Sitting on the mat, you are going to scan different parts of your body with full attention, and we will help direct your attention through visualizations.

The experience progresses independently from where you are, during which you only need minimal interactions (gaze interactions) with your environment. Inspired by the immersive play Sleep No More, we make this meditation free-roam storytelling. There is no need to rush if you can’t finish everything in 15 minutes, you can always revisit the unexplored sensations next time.