Tradery Café

In 2025 We Transact With Data

Completion - ongoing
Instructor - Stuart Candy

Experiential future, design research, system design

In this speculative service system design we inspected a near future where data becomes the form of transaction, in order to incite discussions over the control of personal data.


“Wouldn’t it be easier just to treat the information space as public resource and tax or charge companies somehow for the benefit of using it?”

Jaron Lanier, Who Owns the Future?

Context ︎ 
Inspiredby Jaron Lanier’s book and the jarring reality the documentary The Great Hack reveals, we inspected a future about data to incite discussions over the control of personal data.

Research ︎
Personal Meaning Map

12 participants are asked to mapped their thoughts about data. We constrained the response in to noun. and adj.
As we analyzed the frequency of the words, we found out that trust, transparent and personal are the most common adjectives, and Silicon Valley, internet and government are the most common nouns. Negative adjectives exceeds positive adjectives in numbers.

Experiential Future Mapping ︎
We first mapped out the scenario, situation and stuff to understand the greater social context;

Stakeholder Mapping ︎
Based on the context we zoomed into the process and stakeholders of data harvesting and how it is transformed into services back on users.

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Marketing Gap ︎
Despite the future of data collection decentrualization seems promising, the current market still faces a lot of challenges.

  • An ordinary individual seller’s data is usually worth a few cents;
  • It is time-consuming to sell your data to different marketplaces to maximize profit;
  • The crypocurrency you earn cannot be cash easily;
  • the data transaction market is lacking regulation, so you need to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Product Design

What if there is a centrualized data transaction platform that helps you communicate with various data marketplaces, and allows you to cash your data easily?

World Building ︎
In 2025, data transaction has transformed from informal to formal economy. Tradery, as the biggest centrualized data transaction plaform, connects users with diverse data marketplaces and make the best transaction decision, so you have full ownership and profit over the data generated from your profile;

Tradery also collects data usage and generates individual data report, making your data usage more transparent.

Environmental Branding

Tradery is promoting the service to get people accustomed to transact with data.How to teach customers monetize their data through spatial design?
Scenario Speed Dating ︎
We proposed 3 environmental touchpoints to rebrand the experience.  We chose the bakery idea because it is not only relatable to people’s daily life but also a two-way interaction that customers can see the physical benefit from the transaction.

Space Design︎
Tradery ATM Cafe
To give visitors privacy but also provides a warm bakery social environment, Tradery pop-up bakery is inspired by ATM machines for its sense of security, privacy and modularity.

The renderings show how the space is lit up. Inspired by the lighting in the Japanese street food stands, we designed the overhead warm light to provide a sense of security as well as intimacy.

Future Bazarr!

For the final presentation, we installed a simple counter in the Future Bazarr as a simple testing on our concept.

People can choose their donuts, put their phones on the scanning platform and customize their data transaction. People find the concept of data transaction ceremonial but also uncomfortable when giving out their information even if they have full control!