Tradery Café

Speculative Future Bakery Where We Transact With Data

Completion - fall 2019
Instructor - Stuart Candy

Media - Adobe Illustrator, modeling
with Amber Lee, Vicky Zhou

In this speculative scenario we inspected a future where data is the form of transaction to incite discussions over the control of personal data.


“Wouldn’t it be easier just to treat the information space as public resource and tax or charge companies somehow for the benefit of using it?”

Jaron Lanier, Who Owns the Future?

Context ︎ 
Inspiredby Jaron Lanier’s book and the jarring reality the documentary The Great Hack reveals, we inspected a future about data to incite discussions over the control of personal data.

Research ︎
Personal Meaning Map

12 participants are asked to mapped their thoughts about data. We constrained the response in the format of noun.- adj. - noun. - adj.
As we analyzed the frequency of the words, we found out that trust, transparent and personal are the most common adjectives, and Silicon Valley, internet and government are the most common nouns. Negative adjectives exceeds positive adjectives in numbers.

Scope ︎

Through scope mapping we narrowed down the topics in different scopes levels and tried to identidy the core audience, issue and environment to tap into - middle-class consumers, forced consent, credit service.

Concept Development

Tradery is a transaction company that transforms data exchange from informal to formal economy. Tradery provides transaction platform, replacing current transaction apps such as ApplePay.

World Building ︎
We help fairly sell your data on any social media platforms so you have full ownership and profit over the data generated from your profile;

We also collect data usage from big tech monopolies and generating individual data report, making your data usage more transparent.

Scenario Speed Dating ︎
In this scenario, Tradery is a new-rise business promoting their service to get people accustomed to the trading behavior. We proposed 3 future scenarios that teaches customers how to exchange data for goods.  We chose the bakery idea because not only it is very relatable to people’s daily life but also it is a two-way interaction experience that customers can see the physical benifit from the transaction.

Digital Prototype

How to address the issues we have discovered: transparency and trust through digital design?

Low-fi Prototypes ︎
Looking into existing POS (point-of-sale) interfaces about ways of displaying products and transaction information, especially on how to translate the money transaction process into data transaction.

01 - On the transaction platform, you can choose the amount of data you want to trade with, which corresponds to different types of donut you can get from the bakery.

02 - To give customers as much freedom as possible during transaction, they are able to choose which platform and what type of data to sell.

03 - To give users more transparency over the use of their data, we also allow them to choose what can their data be used for and who they are going to give the data to.

04 - Confirm the information and ready to scan the phone for data collection!

User Testing

We installed a simple counter in the Future Bazarr. People can choose the donuts they want, put their phone on the scanning platform and customize their data transaction. Once finished they will recieve their donuts.

        Observations - 

    • People are very skeptical about giving out their information even if they have full control;
    • People feel uncomfortable performing data transaction while being watched;
    • The process of recieving the donuts feels ceremonial;

Space Design (In progress)

In response to the observations from user testing about privacy and ritual, Tradery pop-up bakery is inspired by ATM, bakery packaging and modular showcase. The goal is to give participants privacy but also provides a warm bakery social environment.