Type Mania

Typography, color & game design

Completion - 2018 Fall

Media - Adobe Illustator, storyboard, Unity

These are simple gravity games inspired by typography posters in graphic design. Codes on Github. Multiple game scenes were explored in the storyboard phase.

Storyboard 1 - 
Tower of The Sorcerer

This is a modified geometry version of Tower of the Sorcerer. Player controls the direction of the ball to move it in order to eat the donut.

Player can add/replace color onto the ball by eat donuts. Only after eating the same amount of donuts that have the corresponding color of the cubes can the ball knock off the cubes and get to the other side. If there is no such color in the existing donuts, think about what colors add up can create the wanted color.

The game world unfolds three-dimensionally. Unity is used to construct the game.

Storyboard 2:
Infinity Maze

The goal of this game is to make the player realize their powerlessness in this puzzle-like world. Every time when the player think they finish the game, he will find out being in a larger and more complicated maze and can never get out of it.
Backtracking will be used in this game to generate solvable maze.

Storyboard 3:
Gravity Game

Player creates a path using letters. Balls are dropped along the letter path and the goal is to send them all to the end. 

  • Obstacles where letters cannot be put on;
  • Inverse gravity in the grey area;
  • Randomly generate the level map; 
  • Save screenshot of the current state and create a txt file of the list of letters used and their positions;
  • Change the color of the letters, balls and blocks in setting;
  • Rainbow mode: make each letter player puts in rainbow color order