UI Designer, prototyper


Unity, ImageMagick, Maya Xgen, Blender

I helped USC Vision & Graphics Lab with its research on AI avatar generation as a UI/UX designer and technical artist. I worked extensively with researchers on image and geometry data processing and user interface design, bridging research results and user needs.
Read about the research paper here.

Based on user research, biggest painpoints in the status quo of avatar generations are:
  • High technical and time-consuming;
  • Creators have to have clear design visions;
  • Hobbiest are given very limited options for customizations;

Data Processing

I modeled on a base geometry of different detailed facial structures for training purposes.

Early Prototyping

I protoyped a GUI in Unity that imports and display 3D model files in real time. It can automatically look for corresponding textures and apply to the imported 3D model. To ensure texture files are not compromised during in-game upload, I got Unity to write command prompt to use ImageMagick png texture conversion.