Unbox Produce Journey




Experiential Branding


Unity ARKit, Blender

Good Eggs is an online grocery and meal kit delivery service that provides local, and sustainable food with same-day home drop off. How can we create a hybrid brand experience to tell a coherent story to celebrate its localness and authenticity to new customers?


Good Eggs highlights moments of playful unboxing in their branding, and its grocery box is one of the few objects that allow customers to physically interact with the brand. What’s more, unboxing has been very popular online activities since people enjoy surprises.


Phyical experience is highlighted to tie back to authenticity and bring the brand closer to consumers. I proposed two physical touch-poionts - pop-up store and home delivery.

Pop-up Store Design

The store is inspired by the unboxing moment and turns it into a playful big-reveal. The front creates mystery and draw curiousity, while its back creates openness and welcomes people into the space.
The interactions inside the pop-up backtrace the journey of your produce from meal kit dishes back to how ingredients are grown.

AR Pop-up Design

Consumers experience the brand most at home. Every season the featured farm can get their produces with special stickers on top; AR pop-up encourages customers to purchase and scan to view stories about different farms.

To build further connections between farmers and consumers, the AR pop-up will change based on different farms’ stickers and showcase audio narration from different farmers to increase authenticity.